Lyons Colorado Community Art in Action

Lyons Community Art in Action

The Clarifier Project


Last Days Before Clarifier Dedication


Hi, This is the last week before we have a ceremony at the site and thank all the people who worked on it and who helped in any way. It has been a wonderful and challenging 10 years and we want the awesome sense of collaboration to continue. It is not without difficulty that people work on projects together. In this case the perseverance has worked. We have a cool thing in our town. In the next years to come, the area will be incorporated into the parks master plan. It will be landscaped to meet regulations. The community is encouraged to watch the Town of Lyons website for updates and community input forums. Please enjoy this public art work. It comes from the heart.

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Special thanks again to the Lyons Church of the Latter Day Saints. They showed up in mass again and made the grounds around the clarifier look spectacular and gave the top a hair cut! And, thank you to the town of Lyons for helping us clean up and smooth out the ground around. you rock!

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MOSAIC, Clarifier Dedication & Sounds of Lyons – Celebrating Lyons III

Saturday, September 12, 2015 Come celebrate with us!

Wonderful article by the Redstone Review. 


Finishing Touches


We are almost there! With the help of a core group of participants we are putting the finishing touches on the Clarifier. We still have several square feet to cover and a lot of grouting to do before the DEDICATION CEREMONY, September 12, 2015. We will be working on the project Sundays between now and then and we would love your participation. Come by between 9 – 12 on Sunday mornings to help grout, clean up the site and scrub the mosaic to get it ready for the world debut!

SATURDAY, September 12, 2015

1:30 Open House

2:00 Dedication Ceremony – Ribbon Cutting, with musical performances and a dance ceremony choreographed by Lyons’ own Mayama Dance Studio

3:00 Procession to Sandstone Park for a 3:30 Concert by the wonderful Sounds of Lyons.

Clarifier Season Begins Again, Sunday, May 31.

Beginning on Sunday, May 31, We will be hosting Work Events at the Clarifier Project. Each Sunday we will be working from 10 am – 1 pm. Bring water, a sun hat and a some fun to the garden of community art.

This is a wonderful community collaboration and in 2015 we plan to dedicate the artwork to the town of Lyons as a permanent testament to the power of community and the ability of art work to connect individuals to the larger neighborhood. Participate in this uniquely Lyons Project!!

Clarifier Season End 2014

Thank you to all who made this season the best ever for the Clarifier Project. We were able to accomplish much and it tipped us over the edge into the “home stretch.”  In 2015 we must finish the rim along the north side, “night sky,” tile the underside of the rim with mirror, clean the project and last but certainly not least, finish the path, landscaping and signage. With or without the landscaping we will have a BIG PARTY in september of 2015 to dedicate the artwork to the town and celebrate all the fine community hours that went into creating this project. Thank you!!  We had a great crew on November 2, 2014, (some first timers!), who helped us catch up the grouting and wrap up the season. Thank you. See you in May 2015

Summer of 2014

It has been a satisfying summer at the Clarifier Project. After the events of last fall we decided early this summer to cut back our work days to one per week. In those 24 Sundays we were able to get a lot done. Most of the work happened on the East, South and West sides of the structure as the North side has too little even ground for ladders and scaffold. Stop by and walk around to the south side and see all the great work that volunteers have done this summer. We are scurrying to get the surface grouted by the time the weather changes. Please come help grout Sundays 10-1, weather permitting.

Cathy Rivers clarifier walkabout

Community Foundation Video – Downstream: Resilience After the Flood

IMG_9171   IMG_9190

Back to Work on the Clarifier

Back to work after the flood. This season, 2014, we started a little later than usual, but start we did. We are there every Sunday, 10 – 1. The ground is uneven and rocky since the flood, so extra care is needed while working. Come and add your mark to the project, participate in this little bit of Lyons’ landscape. We have a great history of community art making ~ a longevity of collaborating and art experience. The areas remaining to complete are the underside of the rim and the rim. Still need stoneware or porcelain tiles, dark blue now, to complete the rim.

June 2, Town Administrator, Victoria Simonsen visited and put her tiles into the project. Her legacy, strength and leadership are deeply appreciated by Lyons and by this project.

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The Flood and the Clarifier Project

Happy New Year. I welcome a new year like never before. 2014 is the year of rebuilding, of recreating,or perhaps the word is, “reassembling” the community. Though some of us are displaced and working steadily to put our lives back, the Clarifier Project is firm and virtually untouched by the devastating flood that came through Lyons, Colorado on September, 13, 14 and 15, 2013. The ground around the project was washed away revealing cement structures that were part of the former waste water treatment facility. Ground can be put back. The project will move forward and find it’s beautiful completion in the wake of the flood. Thank you for your participation and vision. See you in 2014!


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Little Creatures and Stones

The Project Progresses.

We have had a full summer with lots of participation and some milestones passed. We still have much to do and hope to get more participants!!!  We can get it done this year!! If we find our community participation stride. Come by on Wednesdays between 5 and 7 and on Sundays between 10 and noon.

Hope to see you there!

many, many thanks to all the wonderful participants!!!

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July 17, 2013

This was a particularly good day at the Clarifier Project. Several stalwart participants showed up in the hot sun. We put up the tent and it made working much more comfortable, (that, and the plunge in the river). We are now focusing on the “sky” sections of the project. In contrast to the chipper intensity of the mosaic we are loading up the sky with unbroken tile set on a grid, of sorts. It is a good effect.

We are still looking for blue porcelain tile and yet the sections of sky are filling up fast. It is fun to see the progress speed up a little!!

Come by and visit and/or participate Wednesday afternoons, from 5 – 7 and Sunday Mornings from 10 – noon!!  Now is the time!!!

We have also created a “make a donation” button on this website. You can read all about it on the “make a donation” page.

Have fun – Make community through Art!!



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