Lyons Colorado Community Art in Action

the sun tiles – march and april 2011

We are working with the Golden Gang, The GAP Group and the Lyons High School Honors Society to create a multi dimensional bright yellow sun burst.  As you walk down the river path towards the east from 2nd Ave., from where the river flows under the road, the first view you get of the Clarifier Project is the western wall framed by the pine trees that grow along the path.  Because the Golden Gang and GAP, Generationally Active People, have been, and continue to be, the life blood this project, it seemed obvious to dedicate the sun to these wonderful folk.

We meet wednesdays at 5 p.m. in the basement of the Walt Self Senior Center for 2 hours. During the first session we designed the sun from simple patterns of circles and suns that we found on the internet. Next, the image was transfered to paper using an old school opaque projector. We made a “map” of the sun tiles with a plastic overlay and then chopped the paper pattern into 88 pieces.  Each participant uses one of the pieces at a time and recreates it in clay, using texture and shape to interpret the simple design. The pieces are then laid out on the plastic map. Slowly the sun is being formed.  The next two sessions will be Wednesday, April 6 and Wednesday April 20, allow for spring breaks schedules. During these two sessions we will finish the three dimensional tiles. In May we will re-group and glaze the sun.

Hopefully, by the end of May it will be shinning bright on the western wall of the Clarifier Project!

More Photos to come!

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