Lyons Colorado Community Art in Action

Little Creatures and Stones

The Project Progresses.

We have had a full summer with lots of participation and some milestones passed. We still have much to do and hope to get more participants!!!  We can get it done this year!! If we find our community participation stride. Come by on Wednesdays between 5 and 7 and on Sundays between 10 and noon.

Hope to see you there!

many, many thanks to all the wonderful participants!!!

IMG_4880 IMG_4890 IMG_5042 IMG_4929 IMG_4960 IMG_9394 IMG_5030 IMG_5037 IMG_5047 IMG_5059 IMG_5082 IMG_5087 IMG_5137 IMG_5153 IMG_5052 IMG_5045 IMG_5108 IMG_5156 IMG_5167


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