Lyons Colorado Community Art in Action

Back to Work on the Clarifier

Back to work after the flood. This season, 2014, we started a little later than usual, but start we did. We are there every Sunday, 10 – 1. The ground is uneven and rocky since the flood, so extra care is needed while working. Come and add your mark to the project, participate in this little bit of Lyons’ landscape. We have a great history of community art making ~ a longevity of collaborating and art experience. The areas remaining to complete are the underside of the rim and the rim. Still need stoneware or porcelain tiles, dark blue now, to complete the rim.

June 2, Town Administrator, Victoria Simonsen visited and put her tiles into the project. Her legacy, strength and leadership are deeply appreciated by Lyons and by this project.

2014-06-22_11-47-00_581 2014-06-22_11-48-16_257 2014-06-22_13-11-47_998 2014-06-22_13-20-02_286 2014-06-22_13-20-32_545


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