Lyons Colorado Community Art in Action

Clarifier Season End 2014

Thank you to all who made this season the best ever for the Clarifier Project. We were able to accomplish much and it tipped us over the edge into the “home stretch.”  In 2015 we must finish the rim along the north side, “night sky,” tile the underside of the rim with mirror, clean the project and last but certainly not least, finish the path, landscaping and signage. With or without the landscaping we will have a BIG PARTY in september of 2015 to dedicate the artwork to the town and celebrate all the fine community hours that went into creating this project. Thank you!!  We had a great crew on November 2, 2014, (some first timers!), who helped us catch up the grouting and wrap up the season. Thank you. See you in May 2015


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  1. vance

    Ms. Cohan, you and those with you are creating such a masterpiece.i admire that you and the others for your dedication and stick-to-itness.i took a picture just after the flood waters subsided and i could get down there if you want a copy of it.A whole section of the ground is washed away.i think i could email it, it’s on my hard drive .Anywaste-Thank you for bringing this beautiful big art piece to this lil town……all my best,
    vance french)

    November 3, 2014 at 9:09 am

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