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October is Grouting season at the Clarifier!!

Wednesday, June 27 and Sunday July 1, Photos!!!

Recent Activity at the Clarifier

Video Link to Walk About 

Video Link to Mosaic Detail

2012 Summer Work Days: Wednesday Afternoons and Sunday Mornings


We will be working at the Clarifier on Wednesday afternoons from 4 – 6pm in May and in June we will shift the time to 5 – 7pm. We are also there on Sunday Mornings from 10am – 12pm.

Tasks include:

Organizing Tile by color size.

Breaking up rocks and tiles into usable sizes.

Preparing surface for application

Fetching water

Mixing Thinset mortar

Putting up mosaics,

plus, plus, plus

We also ask for these tasks to be done: someone to haul un-usable tile to the building material recycler, someone to give the grounds a good shave, (mow), weed barrier and more.

There are soooo many ways to get involved. Come by and visit and join in!!

Remember to dress prepared for the weather conditions and bring some water to drink!!

Highlights from 2011 and preparation for 2012 summer of community art at the Clarifier Project!!

While we gear up for a productive season of community art making in Lyons, we welcome you to take a look at some highlight from the Summer of 2011.

The Regular work days begin on Wednesday, May 16 and continue throughout the Summer.  Wednesday we meet from 4 – 6 in May and in June we will meet from 5 – 7 in the evening. Sundays we will meet in the morning from 10 – 12.

There is much to be done, including, organizing tile into color groups, placing tile pieces into the mosaic, cleaning tile of it’s winter coats of dust and algae, preparing the surface and always… moving rocks!

We invite you to get involved in the most fun summer yet.

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autumn events – september 11 work day

Autumn is here! We have had a wonderful summer full of creativity and community engagement. Thank you so much for your support from afar as well as for your “hands on” participation in the Clarifier Project.

We will continue into the Fall with work events twice a week. Sundays from 10 – 12 and Wednesdays 4 – 6 pm, (note: change in Wednesday times to accommodate the shorter daylight hours). these work days will continue through September and into October, weather permitting. If you ever have a question about participation please email: priscilla – or cathy –

We will be hosting a longer work event on Sunday, September 11th. from 10 – 3 p.m. In accordance with the intention that the project promote peace and interconnectedness we will have a minute of silence at noon to recognize those individuals around the world who have
unnecessarily suffered as a result of human violence.

Come by and contribute in any way, large or small, to this monumental work of community art.

The Town of Lyons has shaped the ground around the work site to more closely reflect the finished landscaping. The ground is flat and thanks to several volunteers many of the stones have been moved aside to make the area safer. Thank you, Town!

Many, many thanks

Summer changes into fall

Though, you might not be able to tell by listening to the heat and sun, you may notice that when the 6:39 Y buss from Boulder pulls into town the sun is definitely behind the mountain tops. Winding up this summer and planning the few events that will give everyone an opportunity to participate in this community effort.

Each Sunday from 10 – 12 and Wednesday from 5 – 7 we are there at the clarifier trying to figure out the best, most natural way to present this project. We want to offer it up as a community arts experience.  How does one sit in the role as steward as this big clumsy effort to put a world back together on little shard at a time? Come by and visit and help with the project. Cathy and I, (Priscilla) never really knew what we were doing either. It is out of our hands and we hope to guide it into yours.

Sunday, September 11, 2011 please come by and get involved. See what is going on. Help to create this giant. Help to put a more peaceful compassionate world back into motion.

Long work event – Sunday, September 11, 10 – 3. Hope to see you there. If you have questions email

Look for the Clarifier Project featured on the Lyons Visitors Guide coming to a news stand near you!

the beauty of it

here are some photos that show the awesomeness of this project. it is coming to life bit by bit. with the special magic of some stalwart volunteers it just grows in an organic elegant way. we are so appreciative of the interest the piece is generating. as the world around us appears to become more confusing and so darn messy, it is not easy to know what to do or say. working on this project with gifted gardeners and organizers and artists we start to realize that the beauty of it is that we are doing something. moving little bits around and trying to make sense of a pile of rubble and a concrete wall might, on some level, be helping to make sense of the changes that are occurring in the larger outer spaces. the intention of the project has always been to create a vehicle to bring together communities in an atmosphere of peace and planetary stewardship. the more i work on it the more it feels like the right thing to do. please discover ways that you can work with us to build a short tower to friendship and understanding between the communities of the planet

August Clarifier Work Events plus A Festival of Community Art and Collaboration

Check out our Calendar Page for upcoming work events that each and everyone is invited to attend. Learn to make mosaic in the wild setting of a park next to the river. All events are free and open to all regardless of percieved lack of artistic ability. You ability lies in your presence and the community benefits from every soul who visits and who participates. See you there!!


Clarifier Festival and Working Potluck Picnic!!!
Special Extended work day with Pot Luck and Music.
Join us on July 24, Sunday from 10 till 3.
Stone work, mosaic, color sorting, grouting and more ways that you are invited to participate in the evolution of a community. Thank you for coming by Sunday July 24.

Come by and work on the clarifier all day.

Snacks from 10 – 1

Potluck Picnic 1  – 3 Bring a dish to share and help us keep our planet healthy by bringing your own plates and silverware.

Please contact priscilla or cathy if you would like to contribute by bringing food or drink.



July 26, 2011. outlining.